What Clients Say

Was everything I was hoping for and more. As Theresa was progressing through the massage I kept thinking “oh I must tell her this was nice”, then by the end I realised it was all amazing. Great pressure, really stretched out my tight muscles in a good way. Felt like I’d been woken up from a great sleep, totally relaxed and no more tight spots.

Christina A

Retired - Massage

This was a really lovely treatment. I feel very relaxed and calm now. Theresa was very caring and sensitive. It has been a real pleasure to come for this treatment.

Ruth M.


The whole massage was very relaxing, particularly the head and face massage. Leg massage helped to relax tight calf muscles and my knee felt freer and more mobile.

Anne Storer

Retired Teacher - Massage

Lovely room, ambience great. The massage felt like it was “for me” as opposed to just “a massage”, I was listened to. The massage felt great, really relaxing, thorough and flowing.

Fiona L.

Administrator - Aromatherapy massage

Amazing session as always. Found myself in a deep meditative state, very calming.The treatments have resulted in my neck pain all but gone and my ankle pain gone all together. Theresa has amazing talent for reflexology. Thank you.

Chloe Hay

Climbing Instructor - Reflexology

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