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Sheffield Massage Therapist

I can help you reduce stress, relieve pain and improve your sense of wellbeing

Someone recieving back massage therapy from a masseuse

Muscle & Joint Pain

Deep Tissue Massage for chronic aches and pain and areas of tension such as neck and shoulders, lower back pain and tightness of leg muscles.
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Stress & Anxiety

Deeply relaxing massage and reflexology treatments will reduce the symptoms associated with stress and anxiety, whilst improving your quality of sleep.
Pregnant Woman clutching stomach


Antenatal & postnatal massages and reflexology to reduce stress, improve sleep and give relief from aches and pains for a healthier, happier Mum.

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Preparing for the return of clients

Before opening a risk assessment will be undertaken to see if there are any areas where improvements can be made. Business premises and treatment areas Hygiene protocols The consultation and treatment Business policies Insurance requirements Business premises and...

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COVID-19 and Dealing with Loss

COVID-19 and Dealing with Loss

March 2020 As we try to adapt to the huge changes in our daily lives, we go through a whole range of emotions. Currently we’re suffering from loss and I don’t mean the loss of life in this instance, although that is a very real fear for some people. I refer to the...

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Why use a Facial Oil?

Why use a Facial Oil?

May 2020 Today’s wave of eco-conscious beauty has sparked a surge of interest in Facial Oils and Facial Serums. Using natural ingredients containing botanical plant oils, the small molecular structure makes them much more able to penetrate the skin. This locks in...

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