New Summer Workshops in Whirlow

Aromatherapy for Health & Wellbeing

Wednesday 4th July & Saturday 14th July

Sheffield Massage Therapist

I can help you reduce stress, relieve pain and improve your sense of wellbeing

Someone recieving back massage therapy from a masseuse

Muscle & Joint Pain

Deep Tissue Massage for chronic aches and pain and areas of tension such as neck and shoulders, lower back pain and tightness of leg muscles.
Woman receiving an Indian head massage from behind

Stress & Anxiety

Deeply relaxing massage and reflexology treatments will reduce the symptoms associated with stress and anxiety, whilst improving your quality of sleep.
Pregnant Woman clutching stomach


A massage designed specifically for women during pregnancy to reduces stress, reduce aches and pains and help you experience a healthier, happier pregnancy.
Man in Pain holding his back needing massage therapy

Employee Wellbeing

Help reduce sickness absence by including therapeutic massage to reduce the symptoms of work related stress, anxiety and musculoskeletal problems.

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Fight Colds – The Natural Way

Fight Colds & Flu the Simple Way There are two things I would not be without in Winter and that’s Cold-War essential oil blend and my diffuser. In 16 years of using this blend I have yet to find anything which even comes close when it comes to the prevention and...

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Aromatherapy Range Now Available Online

There are a lot of skincare products on the market including some very good ones like the Neals Yard Remedies range, but I believe there’s something a bit special about the Mayfield Aromatherapy Range. Because they’re handmade in small batches in the Mayfield Valley,...

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Is this the Perfect Gift?

According to Psychology Today, experiences are better gifts than objects because they’re more memorable and the pleasure of them is still to look forward to and experience long after the decorations have come down. A surprise is also considered to be better than...

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