Picture the scene. You’re waking up on a cold morning, knowing that you have to go and muck out five stables. Each horse needs to be led away from the stable and back, and you have to carry a bucket’s worth of water to and from each stable as the hosepipe is frozen. Now you’ve got to do it with searing pain down your arms. Day after day this happens, wearing you down. You get depressed. You lose sleep because of the pain. You lose confidence because it’s taken over your life. That’s the situation Johanna found herself in, taking painkillers just to enable herself to carry on day-to-day.

So when Johanna saw a post on Facebook from Mayfeld Therapy about pain relief through massage therapy, she didn’t hesitate to get in touch. After just a couple of treatments, she started to feel a difference; the pain began to ease off.

By the end of her treatment programme, Johanna was completely revitalised. The treatments have gotten rid of the pain, she now sleeps through the night, has more energy in the day and is feeling better than she has in a long while. But probably the most remarkable side effect of regular massage is that she’s now riding again. Last year Johanna lost all her confidence riding, this was despite her passion for horses and having five of her own.

Johanna had this to say “Being free of pain has had such an impact on so many areas of my life, because now I’m sleeping well, I have more energy and feel much happier. To get back on my horse again after so long was a real milestone for me. I now see massage as part of my general health and wellbeing programme and intend to continue with Theresa to make sure things stay the way they are now.”

Before Johanna came to Mayfield, she did what many people do – try to carry on and battle through the pain. As Johanna’s results have shown, life is simply too short to sacrifice the things you love. If you’re suffering in silence, get in touch. If there’s a more pleasant way to banish pain than having a massage, I haven’t found it yet!

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