According to Psychology Today, experiences are better gifts than objects because they’re more memorable and the pleasure of them is still to look forward to and experience long after the decorations have come down. A surprise is also considered to be better than something which is expected (do be sure it’s a welcome surprise!). So the unexpected gift of a caring experience should fit the bill perfectly.

So, how about a gift that doesn’t make your loved one fat (no chocolates then), won’t damage their liver (that’s the vintage Port off the list), and won’t break the bank?

Interested? You should be, because not only is this one good for the body, its good for the mind too and will make the recipient feel fabulous, making you very popular!

So what is it? It’s an indulgent, relaxing Aromatherapy massage to melt away the stresses of a busy Christmas, as well as ease away any aches and pains from sitting too long on the sofa or working too hard cooking and cleaning! The massage is donne using a beautiful blend of essential oils which will be made exclusively for your loved one.

You can buy a Mayfield Therapy Gift Card from just £30: it can be used for Reflexology, Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage or Indian Head Massage. Let your loved one choose for themselves when they book their appointment. They can use the Gift Card to buy products from our own Mayfield Aromatherapy range.

It’s simple, thoughtful and unique to your loved one; in other words – the Perfect Gift!

How can I buy a Gift Card