A brief history of Indian head massage

The Indian head massage is an ancient therapeutic practice used in India for 1,000 years, usually by mothers on their daughters. It is part of the practice of medicine called Ayurveda, which aims to promote long life and balance the body’s energies. It was often used with spices and herbs that would promote good health and beautiful skin.

What to expect

A typical Indian head massage treatment is performed whilst seated. It starts with the shoulders, massaging deeply as people generally hold a great deal of tension in this area. The upper back is also massaged working around the shoulder blade. Following this, flowing motions move up the neck massaging and stretching to relieve any stress and tension. Moving on, the scalp is massaged along the acupressure points on the head, followed by the forehead and the area around the eyes. Pressure is applied to the various acupressure points throughout the massage. You can literally feel the tension dissolving away.
I like to use essential oils to enhance the treatment and help relieve specific symptoms you may have on the day. These are blended with coconut or almond oil, which are perfect for dry hair. I use rosehip oil on the face as it is excellent for brightening and evening out skintone, due to the high level of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory fatty acids and Vitamin D.

9 benefits of Indian head massage

There are so many benefits to Indian head massage; here are just a few:
1. Promotes hair growth by increasing oxygen in the hair follicles.
2. Relieves headaches by releasing built-up tension in the head and neck area
3. Renews and balances energy levels
4. Relieves symptoms of stress and anxiety through relaxation
5. Boosts memory capabilities by calming the mind and bringing a sense of stillness.
6. Stimulates lymphatic drainage by circulating blood to the neck area
7. Improves sleep by reducing stress
8. Soothes the sinuses by pressing pressure points along the cheekbones
9. Refreshes tired eyes by massaging pressure points around the eyes

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