Winter Viruses
We’re already seeing an increase in the common cold virus. 18mths of isolation and social distancing resulted in a significant fall in the number of colds and flu last winter, but as we get back to normality the number of cases is on the rise.

The best oils for combating the symptoms of colds as well as helping to prevent the spread of it, are Eucalyptus, Tea-tree and Lavender, all of which have ant-viral properties. Blending all three together increases their effectiveness. Both my clients and I wouldn’t be without a bottle of Cold-War Essential Oil  as we approach winter. Just 3 drops on your pillow at night can stop a cold in its tracks. Inhaling the oil on a tissue or in a bowl of hot water reduces symptoms and helps speed up recovery. I also recommend diffusing several drops in family rooms with either an electronic diffuser or an oil burner. This helps stop the spread of the virus to other members of your household.

Winter Aches and Pains
Massaging with warming essential oils stimulates blood flow, easing those every-day aches and pains, which always feels much worse during the winter months. Always mix essential oils with a carrier oil (olive, grapeseed, almond) and swirl into a warm bath, it’s one of the nicest (and laziest) ways to enjoy aromatherapy during the cold winter months. As a guide mix 4-6 drops of essential oil per tablespoon of carrier oil.

If you want to avoid buying each of the oils separately I can highly recommend the Muscle Ease Body Oil with warming oils of rosemary and ginger, combined with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Massage into your frosty fingers, feet or wherever you’re feeling cold and you will feel a warm glow spread throughout your body as your circulation gets moving.

If you’d rather create your own aromatherapy blends, add a total of 12 drops of essential oil to 30mls of carrier oil and store in a glass bottle with a secure screw cap. Amber bottles will preserve the oil for longer, as the glass keeps out more sunlight than any other colour.

Properties of warming essential oils:

  • Rosemary is warming, stimulating and good for treating cold
  • extremities, cold and flu symptoms and aches and pains.
  • Sweet Marjoram is both relaxing and warming. Its analgesic properties are useful in treating muscular pains.
  • Black Pepper is a hot and drying oil and is suitable where there is coldness and depleted energy. It acts as a stimulant to the circulatory system to treat cold hands and feet.
  • Ginger essential oil is excellent as a warming massage

If you suffer from arthritis you’ll no doubt be aware that the cold months bring on flare ups, which can be painful. New research has shown that this is actually down to humidity levels rather than temperature. Oils which can help with the pain of arthritis include Black Pepper, Cypress and Juniper which are excellent for detoxification, whilst Lavender and Rosemary reduce pain and Black Pepper, Cypress and Juniper which are excellent for detoxification, whilst Lavender and Rosemary reduce pain and Black Pepper or Ginger act as rubefacients – causing an increase in blood circulation.

I myself, suffer with arthritis in my hands which can become stiff and quite painful. Three years ago I developed a massage oil specifically for the treatment of arthritis and I have found it enormously beneficial. Several clients now use this oil for arthritis in the knee, ankle and hands. I make it to order so if you’d like to try some just get in touch at