March 2020

As we try to adapt to the huge changes in our daily lives, we go through a whole range of emotions. Currently we’re suffering from loss and I don’t mean the loss of life in this instance, although that is a very real fear for some people. I refer to the loss of life as we know it.  We have lost our freedom, our liberty, our hobbies and for some our work. But probably the hardest thing of all is the loss of human contact with family and friends.


The 5 stages of Grief – Kubler-Ross
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a Swiss American psychiatrist, was a pioneer in grief management and the care of terminally ill patients. Her work led her to publish her findings in On Death and Dying in 1969. She later expanded the model to include any form of personal loss.

This became known as the Kubler-Ross cycle and it can be helpful to understand the range of emotions we may experience as we come to terms with the loss of all that we had before. Often, the very things we took for granted.

Looking at the cycle helps us to understand why we’re feeling the way we are and that it’s totally fine to do so. If you’re forced to work from home, don’t beat yourself up if you find you’re lacking motivation or being unproductive. It’s part of the process as you come to terms with this new way of living. Our ultimate goal is acceptance and hopefully we will all get there.


Essential Oil Blend for Calm
As you probably know I’m passionate about Aromatherapy and find that it helps give me that sense of calm and focus to move towards Acceptance. A favourite blend of mine is the De-Stress blend from my aromatherapy range.

I like to have my diffuser on either in my office or the kitchen diner where I spend much of my time. A hallway is also an excellent place to position your diffuser, you can catch the aroma as you walk from room to room. If you wish to make your own blend then the following includes some of the oils in the De-Stress version.

De-Stress: A blend of essential oils for relaxation.

Add the following to your diffuser:
2dps Geranium – Pelaargonium graveolens
2dps Ylang Ylang – Cananga odorata
3dps Bergamot– Citr bergamia

Geranium – restores balance, calms but does not sedate. With a powerful floral smell and a fruity minty undertone, the oil helps with restlessness and palpitations associated with panic
Ylang Ylang – a native of tropical Asia, the name means flower of flowers. Its calming, relaxing effect creates a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. A beautiful, exotic scent widely used by perfumers.
Bergamot – a relaxing and uplifting oil with a sweet, green, fruity smell which balances the mood and brings a gentle positivity to the mind.

If you don’t have a diffuser, you can use an oil burner as a good alternative. Add half the amount of essential oil stated above. You can buy all the oils mentioned, along with diffusers from my online Neal’s Yard website


Find further information on Diffusers, Essential Oils and the De-Stress blend, by clicking on the links below. If you have any questions about using essential oils then please email me and I’ll be happy to help.

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